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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Here! IT'S HERE!

Yesterday was a very special day! A little less than three years ago, Sultry Husband started a project. It was no ordinary project, it was to be an amazing journey full of ups and downs, but most of all it was the fulfillment of a dream.

Yesterday, Sultry Husband's first book came to us in the mail! He held the first copy. Then we went out to dinner (of course), and rounded out the evening with a few purchases. Namely a pen to sign the first copy for himself and the second copy for me, and a shadow box to hold the first ever copy of the first ever book published with my husband's name as the author! It won't hit the bookstores or amazon.com until later this month, but we have our first copies! You had better believe that I am excited!

So there you have it folks, for those who didn't know our last name until now, I am definitely not hiding it now heh, you also now know Sultry Husband's real name which is fine with me, but I will continue to call him Sultry Husband here.

Never in the history of the world could a wife be more proud of her husband than I am of Dave right now. He set a goal, I supported that goal, and we achieved it together.

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