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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cute Family Moments

Last Saturday we went into the Forrest and cut down our Christmas Tree! We had a blast, and since this house is the first that has ever had high ceilings, Sultry Husband was totally excited to get a huge monster. I mean a 12 foot tree! This thing takes up so much room! But I do have to admit that it is very beautiful. He also wanted to try all blue lights this year, so we did... However we did not buy enough lights to fill the monster, so this week we will be getting a few more :-)

L had a very cute conversation with Daddy the other day. You know how three year old's can take themselves very serious, well this was important to her so she asked Daddy a question.

L: "Daddy, I like Jesus."
Daddy: "That is great L, its good to like Jesus."
L: "Daddy, can I still like Santa Clause?"
Daddy: "Yes."

Adorable I tell you!

One not so cute moment this week, we found out what has been wrong with Copper our Golden Retriever. According to the vet "we have a fungus among us." Bleh! He has two very scaly looking itchy spots on his shoulders. We are now treating him with meds, but they told us to quarantine him. I mean, he can't be near our other dog or our kids. What am I supposed to do with a fungal dog at Christmas time?! We were supposed to be boarding him when we go up for Christmas and now I don't know what to do with him. Grumble. It is a very good thing that he is such a great dog. He needs all the positive points he can get!

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Friday, November 24, 2006


This Thanksgiving was like many others for us, that is we could not go home. In our marriage, it is usually a choice between going home for a short weekend for Thanksgiving or going home for a longer stay at Christmas. Which one would you choose?

This year however, we are not surrounded by the myriad of wonderful friends that we had in Idaho. As Sultry Husband and I discussed our options about the celebration, we came upon a wonderful idea! You see, many of the people who work for SH's company have come to this small town far away from their families. Just like us. Why not invite a bunch of them over and have our own feast?!

Sultry Husband sent out a whole bunch of e-mail invitations to co-workers, and we ended up with five very enthusiastic people. Each was single, living down here without family, and choosing to go home at Christmas time, just like us.

The party was fabulous! First of all, our neighbor has a deep fryer that he uses each year and does anyone's turkey that would like... mmmm deep fried turkey that I didn't have to cook myself. I have to admit it was so delicious! I had heard from this neighbor that once you had tried a deep fried turkey, you would never go back. It is so true, that SH and I have thought about getting our own deep frier if we ever move away from here... of course, we had other side dishes, all in all we had way too much food.

The crazy part is that I had planned on making one pie. One of the guests was bringing a pie, so I thought two all together would be enough. I have to interject something here, I HATE and I really do mean can not stand the smell, touch, and especially the icky gross taste of pumpkin pie. SH and I are like minded in this, so we have never made one within this household before. M however, went to her kindergarten "Feast" on Wednesday and tasted the evil substance. She came home raving about how much she loved the pumpkin pie and it was now her new favorite treat and how she couldn't wait for our Thanksgiving so she could have more Pumpkin Pie. Ugh. I made a pumpkin pie that night. Then in the morning I made my traditional Apple Pie to die for. I had extra pie crust left so I got a little adventurous and decided to try making a banana cream pie complete with meringue on top. I was a little afraid, seeing as I have never ever made a meringue before. It was the talk of the party! Everyone loved it so much they all took some of it home afterwards!

We played games, we laughed, we talked. Real, adult conversation! There was only one awkward moment when one of the guests requested coffee with her pie. We explained that we aren't coffee drinkers, then she asked for Tea... uh sorry... Other than that, it was a fabulous and memorable holiday.

Oh and the best part... They all pitched in and cleaned my kitchen when the party was winding down. Today all I have to do is open my fridge and enjoy the left overs. No cleaning for me!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sometimes when kids don't feel very well, they want to snuggle. I knew that L had a bad cold so I set her up on the couch with a nice warm blanket. When I returned a few minuites later, Phnarph the ever snuggle happy corgi was curled up under one of the blankets.
I asked L why Phnarph was under her blanket and not her, to which she replied "Mommy, Phnarphie was cold". He was obviously not complaining about the pampering.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Here! IT'S HERE!

Yesterday was a very special day! A little less than three years ago, Sultry Husband started a project. It was no ordinary project, it was to be an amazing journey full of ups and downs, but most of all it was the fulfillment of a dream.

Yesterday, Sultry Husband's first book came to us in the mail! He held the first copy. Then we went out to dinner (of course), and rounded out the evening with a few purchases. Namely a pen to sign the first copy for himself and the second copy for me, and a shadow box to hold the first ever copy of the first ever book published with my husband's name as the author! It won't hit the bookstores or amazon.com until later this month, but we have our first copies! You had better believe that I am excited!

So there you have it folks, for those who didn't know our last name until now, I am definitely not hiding it now heh, you also now know Sultry Husband's real name which is fine with me, but I will continue to call him Sultry Husband here.

Never in the history of the world could a wife be more proud of her husband than I am of Dave right now. He set a goal, I supported that goal, and we achieved it together.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Well, Happy Halloween everyone! A few days late anyway...

As usual, please forgive my blur of the kids faces, but I have to show off the costumes as usual. The funny thing about this year is that L was determined to be Big Bird. Again. We always let our kids decide what they want to be (with a little direction of course), so we allowed her to wear the favorite costume again. Totally cute as usual, and since we are in a new area, there was no way that anyone would know that it was a second year in a row costume. She also told me exactly what shapes she wanted her pumpkin to have on his face. I thought the square nose especially cool.
M on the other hand, wanted to be Superman. With some "gentle" prodding from me, she changed her mind enough to be Supergirl instead. I was a little afraid of letting my 6 year old be a man at school, I just think it would invite teasing. With her pumpkin, I had her draw the face she wanted on a piece of paper, then she helped me transfer it onto her pumpkin. I especially liked the three eyes, they are very scary.

I have to admit that I am quite proud of M's costume this year. I bought a pink dance outfit, then made the Supergirl insignia and I even made the cape! The pink that you see is actually the inside lining and the outside is a deep Burgundy. She still talks about how cool the cape was, and I must agree with her there... The first thing I have ever made from start to finish on my very own!

L totally out trick or treated M this year. She ran up to each door as fast as she could. They fought over who's turn it was to knock, but they would both yell the magic words together. At one house in particular, L said it was her turn to knock, but M had beaten her to it. The howl that came from L was scary enough to wake the dead! We kept asking the girls if they had enough of trick or treating, and always the answer was "NO!" Eventually, we cut off the candy flow and took them home. L took about five steps into the house and crumpled to the floor, fast asleep. Her bed was just too far to find. Poor Big Bird!

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Curse you Blogger! I have a halloween post all written and ready to post, except for the fact that blogger won't let me post any pictures! I shall keep trying throughout the day, but I am so totally frustrated after spending over an hour trying to coax and prod the pictures to upload. Blogger even went as far as to tell me that the pictures were uploaded fine, I could click the "done" button and place them in the text, but when I did what I was supposed to do, I was rewarded with a blank blog instead of even the text I had written. I am done.

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