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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Today is the day that Blogger has chosen to force me into the Beta system. I am quite frustrated here, as I don't like using the Google system, but that is my downfall. I hope it proves to be a better system and as one of my new years resolutions is to be more positive, well there ya go another opportunity to think about the good side.

For now, let me tell you all about what has happened in the last 48 hours or so. Fabulous news all around so be patient with me, it will all come out.

Good News #1
I had sent the x-rays of my hip to a specialist in another state. I was hoping that I would be a candidate for a new type of hip resurfacing system. On Thursday afternoon we heard from him. He stated that I was NOT a candidate for his or ANY OTHER surgery at this time. He did not see any reason to replace my hip for any reason! Perhaps, years down the road it will still need to be done, but not for many years. He thinks that it is a detachment of some muscles or something that is causing my pain. Our new recommendation is that we have an MRI done, get some new medications and Physical Therapy, and then we may be able to have lots and lots of kids! Thats right people, the ban on a large family may be lifted!

Good news #2
We have a very likely renter for our Idaho House! We got the call this morning that there is a lady wanting to move in. She is already with the rental agency and just looking for a different house, so we know that she is responsible and pays her bills. We are so excited, it should go through just after the new year so YAY FOR US!

Good news #3
With our moving out of the Idaho house, the county lowered the taxes on the home because it was no longer our primary dwelling place. We knew that it was all taken out of our Escrow account, so I didn't think too hard on it when we moved. However, we have now received a surplus check from the mortgage company! Yay for late Christmas Presents!

Good news #4
Sultry Husband has always wanted a projector tv. I mean, the kind that is like a movie theater in your own home. Before Christmas, he found one for a steal because of a rebate offer. Now, we have ordered that TV that will be paid for with less than our mortgage rebate check! WHOO HOO! We will have some left to save for a rainy day, so don't be concerned with us "blowing" the unexpected income. This projector was something that we have wanted well, forever, and this was a deal that we seriously did not want to turn down.

Good news #5
Sultry Husband got a great review from his managers at work. Therefore, we really should be getting a raise. This would be the first of our working career ever. We will know in the next few days how much, but yay for our team and for SH finding a job that he loves and who appreciates his tallents!

Things are looking up for us, we have big plans for 2007, but over all I hope that it is the year of stability!


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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The pain of embarrassment

This week, we have been away from home like many others we know. It has been the best Christmas Holiday! I got to see each and every one of my siblings, and we were also able to go visit Sultry Husband's parents. Seriously, it has been a fabulous trip. We are even extending by a day because of bad weather, but we are definitely not complaining.

Anyway, Sultry Husband's parents have a house with many many MANY stairs. Usually it isn't much of a problem because I don't mind that the kids get super tired after a day of going up and down and down then up. They usually zonk right out at bed time. Anyway, with my hip problems lately, I have been a little scared of the stairs. I did venture up but only when absolutely necessary. I really was being careful, but as you could imagine, me with my cane, and I was stupid and didn't put shoes on. My sock clad feet were just too slippery and I fell halfway down the stairs hitting my rear end and hip pretty hard.

Was I in pain, definitely. Am I still in pain, definitely. In fact, I have a nice purple and green bruise that circles from the front of my hip all the way around to the middle of my behind. I must admit however that I was more painfully embarrassed that I fell. It was very loud, and I was instantly surrounded by well meaning family members who wanted to make sure I was alright. I am glad that I am so loved, but I had to put on a brave face because I didn't want them to worry or make too big of a fuss over my incident.

Yes I will mend, I already feel much better than I did yesterday. I am also glad that I have one more day to recuperate before heading home in the morning. I just hope that I can get beyond my own feelings of weirdness to the point where I can just thank them for their kindness and loving embrace. They really do care about me, and perhaps I needed to fall and hurt myself just to have a reminder that even though I am the in-law here, I am still as loved and cared for as if I were their daughter. I love that about them.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas makes me crazy!

I, like about five billion other people, love Christmas. However, this year more than any other it is making me crazy! As usual, it is all about money heh. In the past, we haven't really had a good job so we were out of cash by December paying the evil heating bill. This year, where we have a real job and we live in the desert thus no heating bill, it should have been easy! Ya.. um... so I told you guys before about the renter situation in Idaho. No, we have not found new renters yet. However, we have found a way to go home after all! YAY for our team!

Ok, so on to my dilemma. I also teach Violin and Viola lessons. One of my favorite families has two students in my studio. The mother of this oh so awesome family offered to pay me for the entire month of January! That is five lessons for two people! Can you say Christmas Presents after all? I had blocked the idea of Christmas presents from my brain. I mean seriously, I didn't think that Sultry Husband could afford to get me anything, so I was prepared to deal with that. What I am not prepared to deal with is his new questions of "What can I get you for Christmas?" Not to mention, I now have to come up with something brilliant for him as well... so here is where you all come in. What are you asking for and what are you giving your husbands?

Help. hehe.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dream House

This was sent to us by a couple of friends, and lets just say that it is Sultry Husband's dream house. Personally, I think that our neighbors would kill us if we did something like this.

So cool! Oh and by the way, this is totally real. They guy is an eletrical engineer. It takes 2 months and 86,000 lights to complete. We totally need to learn how to do that hehe.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

A little bit of frazzle

My little sister had her very first baby. It is a huge deal for all of us in the family, we have been waiting for this little one for quite some time. Anyway, in our church we give them a "blessing" which is quite a personal time, but we always welcome all of our friends and family to attend. So, the blessing date was this past Sunday, and of course we all had to be there!

One problem though, I had a concert to play in on Friday night, so the soonest we could leave was Saturday morning. The galloping goose can't be trusted on a drive like that anymore, so we went to rent a vehicle. It added about 45 minutes to our trip, quite worth it if you ask me, to get this car. However, when we arrived at the rental agency, they informed us that the car they had reserved for us had not shown up, it was a day late already. Ugh. We sat there for another 45 minutes while they tried to find us another vehicle. Their lot was totally empty. Eventually they found us a mini-van. So, we rented the van at the compact car rate and they even threw in a tank of gas because they felt so horrible about the incident. Aside from leaving two hours later than we wanted from the city, we were pretty happy. It ended up getting about 25 miles to the gallon so we were alright with the switch.

After leaving the rental agency, we drove all the way to Salt Lake. My parents still live there, and we stopped in with them for the evening. It had taken us about 5 hours to get there. The next day we rose early, drove another 5 hours to my sisters house. We arrived just in time for the blessing, then turned around and drove the 5 hours back to my parents house. Monday, we needed a little bit of fun, so SH, myself, and the kids went to a movie. Following that, we drove home... Straight home. It took us about 5 hours again. By the time I climbed into my bed on Monday night, I was frazzled and extremely tired. Was that the end? Never! Tuesday morning I had to drive back to St. George (1 1/2 hours away) to return the van. Bleh! Another three hour round trip!

I think I could stay in this house for a week and be happy. But of course I had violin lessons to teach, a house that looks like a tornado hit it, oh and I also missed the fungus dog's appointment with the vet on Tuesday. There is more to do than I could accomplish in a week if I worked 8 hours a day. I feel like I need a vacation from my trip.
Oh and one more note on the weekend. Our renters in Idaho have moved out, the house is vacant and therefore we have to cover the entire mortgage on our own. In December. I knew that if we didn't find renters, I had to decide if I would rather go to the blessing or go home for Christmas. I am still hoping that we find renters soon, but every day that goes by without word from the property managers creates the more likelihood that I won't be going anywhere for the holiday. Am I sad about this? Yes. Do I regret going to my sisters this weekend? Never. It was worth it just to have her know that I made the effort just for her. One of those moments that she will remember. Every one of her siblings was there, no matter how far we all had to come. We gathered around one that we love, and that my friends is truly priceless.

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