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Monday, February 27, 2006

Crayon is not my friend

This past weekend my Mom and Dad came up to help us get the house ready to sell. My Dad loves his toys, and he happens to have a few that are quite helpful. One of which is his paint spray gun. We bought a few buckets of paint and proceeded to prep the house for the onslaught of color.

When we walked into the room that my daughters share, there was a gasp. Crayon. It covered the walls. I knew it was there, but had chosen to ignore it for a time in hopes that it would spontaneously disappear. It didn't, so we started to scrub. I had purchased many of the new Mr. Clean magic erasers which takes the evil waxy substance off of the walls, but it takes some scrubbing. It took three people over three hours to get the walls clean enough. We also went through thirteen magic erasers...

Why didn't we just paint over the evil mess you ask? I didn't know before, but I have acquired the knowledge that crayon will bleed through any paint that you put on the walls. Even if you put a primer on before the color, it will still take several coats to get it right. Scrub away my friend.

Sultry Husband's Dad also came up to help us out with the arduous task. He has a tendency to repeat himself when something hits him as interesting or annoying. Therefore I believe that he told me no less than two dozen times this weekend that I should lock the crayons up and throw away the key.

After all the hard work, I have made a personal goal. Crayons will still reside in my home, they will just be used under supervision at all times. M also understands that if she ever colors on the walls again, she will scrubbing them right along with me. And I might throw away all of her toys in frustration. Perhaps I wouldn't go that far but she would be in very deep doo doo!

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

We Did It!

I don't have long, still not "home" so this will be fast.


Sultry Husband reports to work on Monday (well sort of, they are letting him work over the internet so he can help me sell our house). We are officially moving! Yay! Let the celebrations begin!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Southern Utah Adventures

So, I joined Sultry Husband here in this little forgotten town on Sunday. At least, I thought that no one knew where this place was, I expected to be able to find a home for us in the first day or two here. Not so. There has been a housing boom in the area, and lots for sale have more than tripled in value over the past year. Therefore, people who bought a lot for $35,000 a year ago are now selling them for over $90,000 now. It makes me sick! How are middle class folks supposed to find a place to live? Property values are disgustingly high.

I looked at a nice home yesterday, it needs a lot of work to bring it out of the 50's, but overall it was a nice house. Good sized yard, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. All in all, the perfect house for us. The only drawback is that the people are asking $289,000 for the thing! There is no way that we could ever afford this place!

I did find a lot in a neighboring town that we could afford, however we would have to just stick a manufactured home on it. Now I have nothing against Manufactured homes, but I always pictured myself in a permanent house. Nothing fancy, just a nice place for me and my family to call home. I am afraid of the resale values of Manufactured homes, I would like this house to be an investment after all. Le sigh, I think that I just need to change my thinking on this a little bit. After all, a manufactured home may be all we can afford down here.

Aside from the housing crisis, I have come to love this little town. There is no snow, the cliffs are a beautiful vibrant red, the sunrise is one of the most stunning that I have seen, and most of all I love that Sultry Husband is enjoying his job. He will find out on Friday morning if he has an actual offer, but everything looks promising so far.

I must get back to my job of house hunting. I am visiting with my realtor again in about 20 minutes so I really need to dash. I just wanted to give you all an update from us. Signing off here in the Red Cliffs of Southern Utah. Small town with an out of control housing market.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Nausea and Sleep Deprivation

So Sultry Husband began his new job yesterday. It is a very scary thing to start a new job in this world. Many fears and self doubts seem to creep their way forward. One of his formar employers once said "I never started a new job that I didn't want to quit my first week." We are sticking it out to say the least... The night before he started, he was up all night. Not with nerves, oh no, with nausea. He was sick all night long! Fortunately he was able to still show up the first day, but that really could have been bad. "I am so sorry new employer, I am calling in sick on the first day of my evaluation period. I really want the job though..." Somehow, that just sounds bad.

L decided that she was beyond sleep last night. Every half an hour she was up out of bed demanding something. Usually in a very whiny high pitched voice that drove sleep from me way to many times last night. The one up side to the sleepless night of mine, was that I was able to think about Sultry Husband and pray for him all night long. Hopefully persistance will win out on that end. Sultry Husband was able to sleep last night, and for that I am grateful. I mean, if my sleepless night gave him a moment of peace, it was well worth it.

There is one funny thing to relate however, a friend of ours put it in perspective when he said that "Your new town isn't exactly the end of the earth, but you can sure see it from there." Did I mention that we will have to drive over 90 minuites to get to a Wal Mart? Wow, that is moving to the sticks! A new adventure right?

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Monday, February 06, 2006

It is time

Today is the day! As I sit here writing this post, Sultry Husband has been at his new job for about an hour! I am so excited/nervous for him! I know that he will do well, he always does, but it makes him nervous to start a new job. Especially when it is one like this that he wants so terribly bad! I will keep you all posted on the progress of the next two weeks and how the evaluation is going. I will be joining him next tuesday, and I find myself counting down the days until I see him again! I hate to be apart!!!

In the mean time I will cheer him on in phone calls. I hope to hear from him at lunch time today, but he may be surrounded by everyone in the cafeteria (did I mention that it is a vegetarian cafeteria? I would not do well there).

Today the new adventure begins!

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