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Friday, November 24, 2006


This Thanksgiving was like many others for us, that is we could not go home. In our marriage, it is usually a choice between going home for a short weekend for Thanksgiving or going home for a longer stay at Christmas. Which one would you choose?

This year however, we are not surrounded by the myriad of wonderful friends that we had in Idaho. As Sultry Husband and I discussed our options about the celebration, we came upon a wonderful idea! You see, many of the people who work for SH's company have come to this small town far away from their families. Just like us. Why not invite a bunch of them over and have our own feast?!

Sultry Husband sent out a whole bunch of e-mail invitations to co-workers, and we ended up with five very enthusiastic people. Each was single, living down here without family, and choosing to go home at Christmas time, just like us.

The party was fabulous! First of all, our neighbor has a deep fryer that he uses each year and does anyone's turkey that would like... mmmm deep fried turkey that I didn't have to cook myself. I have to admit it was so delicious! I had heard from this neighbor that once you had tried a deep fried turkey, you would never go back. It is so true, that SH and I have thought about getting our own deep frier if we ever move away from here... of course, we had other side dishes, all in all we had way too much food.

The crazy part is that I had planned on making one pie. One of the guests was bringing a pie, so I thought two all together would be enough. I have to interject something here, I HATE and I really do mean can not stand the smell, touch, and especially the icky gross taste of pumpkin pie. SH and I are like minded in this, so we have never made one within this household before. M however, went to her kindergarten "Feast" on Wednesday and tasted the evil substance. She came home raving about how much she loved the pumpkin pie and it was now her new favorite treat and how she couldn't wait for our Thanksgiving so she could have more Pumpkin Pie. Ugh. I made a pumpkin pie that night. Then in the morning I made my traditional Apple Pie to die for. I had extra pie crust left so I got a little adventurous and decided to try making a banana cream pie complete with meringue on top. I was a little afraid, seeing as I have never ever made a meringue before. It was the talk of the party! Everyone loved it so much they all took some of it home afterwards!

We played games, we laughed, we talked. Real, adult conversation! There was only one awkward moment when one of the guests requested coffee with her pie. We explained that we aren't coffee drinkers, then she asked for Tea... uh sorry... Other than that, it was a fabulous and memorable holiday.

Oh and the best part... They all pitched in and cleaned my kitchen when the party was winding down. Today all I have to do is open my fridge and enjoy the left overs. No cleaning for me!

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