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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cute Family Moments

Last Saturday we went into the Forrest and cut down our Christmas Tree! We had a blast, and since this house is the first that has ever had high ceilings, Sultry Husband was totally excited to get a huge monster. I mean a 12 foot tree! This thing takes up so much room! But I do have to admit that it is very beautiful. He also wanted to try all blue lights this year, so we did... However we did not buy enough lights to fill the monster, so this week we will be getting a few more :-)

L had a very cute conversation with Daddy the other day. You know how three year old's can take themselves very serious, well this was important to her so she asked Daddy a question.

L: "Daddy, I like Jesus."
Daddy: "That is great L, its good to like Jesus."
L: "Daddy, can I still like Santa Clause?"
Daddy: "Yes."

Adorable I tell you!

One not so cute moment this week, we found out what has been wrong with Copper our Golden Retriever. According to the vet "we have a fungus among us." Bleh! He has two very scaly looking itchy spots on his shoulders. We are now treating him with meds, but they told us to quarantine him. I mean, he can't be near our other dog or our kids. What am I supposed to do with a fungal dog at Christmas time?! We were supposed to be boarding him when we go up for Christmas and now I don't know what to do with him. Grumble. It is a very good thing that he is such a great dog. He needs all the positive points he can get!

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