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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas makes me crazy!

I, like about five billion other people, love Christmas. However, this year more than any other it is making me crazy! As usual, it is all about money heh. In the past, we haven't really had a good job so we were out of cash by December paying the evil heating bill. This year, where we have a real job and we live in the desert thus no heating bill, it should have been easy! Ya.. um... so I told you guys before about the renter situation in Idaho. No, we have not found new renters yet. However, we have found a way to go home after all! YAY for our team!

Ok, so on to my dilemma. I also teach Violin and Viola lessons. One of my favorite families has two students in my studio. The mother of this oh so awesome family offered to pay me for the entire month of January! That is five lessons for two people! Can you say Christmas Presents after all? I had blocked the idea of Christmas presents from my brain. I mean seriously, I didn't think that Sultry Husband could afford to get me anything, so I was prepared to deal with that. What I am not prepared to deal with is his new questions of "What can I get you for Christmas?" Not to mention, I now have to come up with something brilliant for him as well... so here is where you all come in. What are you asking for and what are you giving your husbands?

Help. hehe.

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