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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Today is the day that Blogger has chosen to force me into the Beta system. I am quite frustrated here, as I don't like using the Google system, but that is my downfall. I hope it proves to be a better system and as one of my new years resolutions is to be more positive, well there ya go another opportunity to think about the good side.

For now, let me tell you all about what has happened in the last 48 hours or so. Fabulous news all around so be patient with me, it will all come out.

Good News #1
I had sent the x-rays of my hip to a specialist in another state. I was hoping that I would be a candidate for a new type of hip resurfacing system. On Thursday afternoon we heard from him. He stated that I was NOT a candidate for his or ANY OTHER surgery at this time. He did not see any reason to replace my hip for any reason! Perhaps, years down the road it will still need to be done, but not for many years. He thinks that it is a detachment of some muscles or something that is causing my pain. Our new recommendation is that we have an MRI done, get some new medications and Physical Therapy, and then we may be able to have lots and lots of kids! Thats right people, the ban on a large family may be lifted!

Good news #2
We have a very likely renter for our Idaho House! We got the call this morning that there is a lady wanting to move in. She is already with the rental agency and just looking for a different house, so we know that she is responsible and pays her bills. We are so excited, it should go through just after the new year so YAY FOR US!

Good news #3
With our moving out of the Idaho house, the county lowered the taxes on the home because it was no longer our primary dwelling place. We knew that it was all taken out of our Escrow account, so I didn't think too hard on it when we moved. However, we have now received a surplus check from the mortgage company! Yay for late Christmas Presents!

Good news #4
Sultry Husband has always wanted a projector tv. I mean, the kind that is like a movie theater in your own home. Before Christmas, he found one for a steal because of a rebate offer. Now, we have ordered that TV that will be paid for with less than our mortgage rebate check! WHOO HOO! We will have some left to save for a rainy day, so don't be concerned with us "blowing" the unexpected income. This projector was something that we have wanted well, forever, and this was a deal that we seriously did not want to turn down.

Good news #5
Sultry Husband got a great review from his managers at work. Therefore, we really should be getting a raise. This would be the first of our working career ever. We will know in the next few days how much, but yay for our team and for SH finding a job that he loves and who appreciates his tallents!

Things are looking up for us, we have big plans for 2007, but over all I hope that it is the year of stability!


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