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Thursday, December 28, 2006

The pain of embarrassment

This week, we have been away from home like many others we know. It has been the best Christmas Holiday! I got to see each and every one of my siblings, and we were also able to go visit Sultry Husband's parents. Seriously, it has been a fabulous trip. We are even extending by a day because of bad weather, but we are definitely not complaining.

Anyway, Sultry Husband's parents have a house with many many MANY stairs. Usually it isn't much of a problem because I don't mind that the kids get super tired after a day of going up and down and down then up. They usually zonk right out at bed time. Anyway, with my hip problems lately, I have been a little scared of the stairs. I did venture up but only when absolutely necessary. I really was being careful, but as you could imagine, me with my cane, and I was stupid and didn't put shoes on. My sock clad feet were just too slippery and I fell halfway down the stairs hitting my rear end and hip pretty hard.

Was I in pain, definitely. Am I still in pain, definitely. In fact, I have a nice purple and green bruise that circles from the front of my hip all the way around to the middle of my behind. I must admit however that I was more painfully embarrassed that I fell. It was very loud, and I was instantly surrounded by well meaning family members who wanted to make sure I was alright. I am glad that I am so loved, but I had to put on a brave face because I didn't want them to worry or make too big of a fuss over my incident.

Yes I will mend, I already feel much better than I did yesterday. I am also glad that I have one more day to recuperate before heading home in the morning. I just hope that I can get beyond my own feelings of weirdness to the point where I can just thank them for their kindness and loving embrace. They really do care about me, and perhaps I needed to fall and hurt myself just to have a reminder that even though I am the in-law here, I am still as loved and cared for as if I were their daughter. I love that about them.

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